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Alexander Castro II

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I elevate client's condition.

As an independent entity, I set myself to work with some of the world’s most forward-thinking and innovative companies and individuals across many platforms and disciplines. My collaborative capacity transcends mediums into results.

I am equipped to tackle any multimedia and business problems. Keeping in mind the necessity to have consistent quality regardless of the demands a project may require. It is paramount that every output is of high caliber and uncompromising in its objectives; creative and profitable.

About me: At a glance

Years leading transitions

Managed creatives

(26% for 1 client)

Countries serviced

Clients Served

Impacted employees
(49% from 1 company)

Years leading transitions

Managed creatives

Countries serviced

Global agencies partnered

Clients served

Impacted employees







Delivered projects

Delivery rate





Enterprise value entrusted

"Good designs are able to build brands and touch people's lives."

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*This comp prompted an enterprise-wide execution for Tenet Healthcare's 2023-2024 marketing campaigns. Applied to over 60 hospitals, 570+ ambulatory facilities, and 1700+ physicians resource. Saving over 6-7 digits in non-working dollars.


Preparing companies transition from business to brand by providing strategic marketing & design solutions.

POLAR Techwear

Polar is a leading sports technology company founded in Finland in 1977. The company is known for its expertise in heart rate monitoring and training analysis for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

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