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Preparing companies transition from business to brand by providing strategic marketing & design solutions.

AMCOOP is a legitimate job contracting cooperative with over 20,000+ employees and has been operating for over 27 years. They have recognized the need to update their overall business perspective and contracted me to accomplish the goal.

I was given an open brief to bring the company into a state that is future-facing, with the ability to withstand business directions that would test the form in various conditions and still maintain its integrity.

The path towards reconstructing the brand was not an easy one. It took months of development and generation of studies that would present a solid identity, worthy of AMCOOP's magnitude.

Some of these studies made it into our top selections that would reflect the company's objectives regardless of which form the stakeholders would decide to partner with.

The solution is a big leap from its origin but all the values the organization protects is translated into a singular entity capable of absorbing and extending the capacity of their businesses.

In order for AMCOOP to have a consistent output and execution, a physical book and a digital format was produced to guide them in implementing the brand across their wide array of businesses.

"AMCOOP Rebrand is the cooperative’s way of showing that it is committed to providing the highest standards of business superiority and value to all stakeholders starting right at the very heart of each member-worker, everyone sharing a common vision and set of values."

- Rodolfo T. Corpuz, Jr., MBA
  Chief Executive Officer

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