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Preparing companies transition from business to brand by providing strategic marketing & design solutions.

O+ is a technology company in the United States who aims to cultivate breeds of technophiles all over the world, starting with the busiest mobile phone hub in Asia.

The goal was to create a brand that would captivate the hearts of Asia with the majority of its consumers coming from the Philippines - being the highest customers in the smartphone industry.

Its development went through a lot of revisions from the name to the initial line up of products. Even the user interface was customized to the closest possible visual language that would easily communicate to its target market.

What I was able to deliver is a brand that best represents the objectives of the company - gaining traction and following from its intended audience - which in effect, created a market environment that is relevant to their lifestyle, a relatable visual language which made it easier for O+ USA to build relationships with their customers. 

Content creation became easily manageable once all the critical brand elements were established. From its original music to logo stingers, color palette and characters, executions are as seamless as they can be and enabled suppliers to craft cohesive outputs based on these standards without any hiccups. It became a world exclusive to the brand.

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