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Exact Skills For Your Exact Needs

A professional that matches your business objectives will always add value to meet your goals.

Why hire from us?

As industry experts, we only offer top talents that are highly vetted and qualified for specific business needs. Coming from the online world of work before it was even what it is today, we pride ourselves in delivering results. Your success means better business for us. We manage everything so you won't have to.


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Located at the very center of commerce in the Philippines, Metro Manila is the converging point of skills and talents from across the archipelago. Sourcing the best from top and pioneering universities in the country, there is no shortage of professionals that can match your operational requirements.

With combined expertise from Independent Graphic Outfit Design, a creative agency that built its foundation in helping companies transition from Business to Brand, ProVA is a wealth of high-level practitioners that constantly evolves growth transformations for the businesses they serve.

4 Key Advantages

1. Do more by spending less

Save up to 60% when you hire offshore Virtual Assistants from us. Experience international quality service at our local rate that will not only drive your business upwards but also reduce your operational costs at a significant value. Thus allowing you to have enough savings to invest back in your business.

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2. Top level communication skills

In the Philippines, English is our second language. That is why we can skip past any barrier to conduct seamless communications between your business and your clients.

3. Customizable profile to fit your business needs

Having a hardworking partner provides great assistance to your daily operations. But having the RIGHT individual that matches the gaps in your business, will bring an efficient and effective process that directly impacts your bottomline.

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4. Culture of Respect

Our professionals are indoctrinated in an environment that puts a premium in hospitality and respect. This trait allows us to be the go-to-market when businesses are driven by values and people-oriented transactions.

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Regardless of the industry you belong to, we can always find the right Professional Virtual Assistants for your organizational needs.

Types of VA

Types of Virtual Assistants

1. Customer Service Virtual Assistant

A customer service VA provides customer support through various phone, chat, email and social media channels. They manage chatbots, respond to emails and assist with product or service-related issues. They also handle customer requests and resolve complaints. Businesses with a large customer base or 24-hour customer service often require them to improve the customer service experience, assist with research and reduce support costs.

3. Administrative Virtual Assistant

Administrative VAs manage the daily tasks of a business, such as drafting emails, data entry, making travel arrangements, scheduling appointments and bookkeeping. They perform basic human resources (HR) or accounting duties like managing timesheets, reimbursements and payrolls. They may also address employee administrative queries.

5. Technical Virtual Assistant

Technical VAs handle all the technical aspects of a business, such as performing website updates, managing email lists and building or finding new software tools. They provide tech support for teams by helping them use existing tools and troubleshooting any problems they might encounter. They also manage CRM and client systems, while performing regular backups and ensuring that systems are secure and up-to-date. Some technical virtual assistants may help companies with search engine optimisation (SEO) and managing online marketing campaigns.

7. Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Graphic design virtual assistants help companies or business owners manage graphic design tasks and create visual content. This includes logos, business cards, brochures, social media graphics and web pages. They maintain websites, manage brand identity, design marketing materials, create presentations and edit photos and videos. They may also collaborate with marketing and design teams to create visual designs that represent the brand identity of companies.

9. E-commerce Virtual Assistant

E-commerce virtual assistants provide administrative and marketing support to online businesses. They help businesses list their products on e-commerce platforms, find new products to add to their inventory and create and manage email campaigns. They also help source products from suppliers and may assist with customer service tasks such as answering enquiries and handling returns.

2. Data Entry Virtual Assistant

A data entry virtual assistant oversees the data entry needs of a company. They enter and update data in a computer system database or customer relationship management (CRM). They also check data for accuracy, delete unnecessary or extraneous files and maintain confidential client information. They may also transcribe audio or video recordings into written documents and create reports that summarise data or present it in a visual format.

4. Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Bookkeeping VAs manage bookkeeping tasks of businesses, such as invoicing, monitoring accounts, reconciling bank statements, preparing financial statements and calculating taxes. They may assist with administrative tasks related to bookkeeping, such as organising files and managing project timelines. They also ensure companies pay their bills on time and prepare their balance sheets.

6. Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate VAs manage administrative and technical tasks for real estate agents and brokers, such as researching properties, managing customer databases, creating and updating listings and finding prospects. They help agents with scheduling appointments and coordinating with other agents and clients. They may assist with general administrative tasks such as email management, scheduling appointments and organising files.

8. Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social media virtual assistants oversee social media accounts and campaigns for individuals and businesses. They create and manage social media accounts on various platforms and schedule social media posts to ensure a consistent and engaging social media presence. They monitor those accounts, respond to comments and engage with the followers to build relationships with them and increase engagement. They may also oversee social media performance and generate reports to highlight social media metrics, such as traffic and engagement, to help clients understand their social media impact

10. Public Relations Virtual Assistant

Public relations VAs provide administrative support to individuals and businesses in the field of public relations. They help clients with writing press releases and ghostwriting blogs, creating and distributing media kits, updating media contact lists and researching content. They may help with basic proofreading and editing of internal and external documents, along with developing marketing material. They may also manage general administrative and clerical duties.

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