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Preparing companies transition from business to brand by providing strategic marketing & design solutions.

The Philippines has always been one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Unique, energetic, and aesthetic as it already is, we want to promote and share this internationally.

The goal is to help reach out to people from different places and different races to discover the Philippines and experience its traditions, culture, and economy. To do this, I've prepared a campaign that can perform well across all channels. A visual persona that can speak the universal language yet exhibits the values borne of the Philippines.

The word ‘Welcome’ transcends beyond the physical. It allows us to experience the values, traditions and cultures as well.


It is a word that invites collaboration and enables participants to grow together and learn from one another. It's the first step to broader conversations.

What technological applications do for the project is to create avenues to extend hospitality. Taking great care of its guests and keeping them in the know of all things under the warm Filipino sun. Information and activities they would wish to engage themselves in. A mobile app is one of those venues that can provide access to basic destinations.

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